About Us

We at Discount Ape offer a wide variety of products on our site to fit just about every consumer need or want. We provide a unique twist to consumer shopping that adds amazing value to the entire process. We offer promotional items for free in our store only to "Just Pay Shipping" and handling. Our customer experience is of the utmost importance because without you we have no business.


Shop with confidence. We have some of the world's best and safest, most trusted online eCommerce credit card processing companies handling your most confidential credit card information. And, we never store your information at DiscountApe so there will never be a data breach involving your financial information being improperly retained by us, as we never have it.  

We have multiple payment methods you can choose from based on your personal preference during checkout.

You can use Paypal, either with an existing account, or as a guest with no registration required. Paypal takes all major credit cards. If you elect to use Paypal, your transaction will occur between you and Paypal only. We will never have any of your credit card information. When you check out, you will be taken directly to Paypal and the financial part of your transaction happens there, on their secure servers. They send us your order information, and money... but they never send us your confidential credit card information.

You can also use a credit card on our web site, and your financial transaction will be processed by Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Level 1. This is the most stringent level of security certification available. As with the other options, your credit card is never stored at Discountape.com, and is used only for the 1x transaction. In fact, we think it is disgusting that retailers store your personal credit information. It's none of their business to keep this information, and it's none of ours. Your credit card or any other confidential information is not retained by DiscountApe.  

Thank you to all our present and future customers.

Enjoy and happy shopping!! 

Team DiscountApe